Marketing Lessons: The Rise of Cobs Bread

Marketing Lessons: The Rise of Cobs Bread

With over 700 bakeries worldwide and global turnover for Bakers Delight/COBS Bread is expected to reach $566M in 2009/2010, the company earns the title of one of the world’s most successful bakery franchises.

Over the past 30 years, this Australian success story has built a strong brand with a distinctive image and has fostered a loyal customer base across 650 bakeries across Australia and New Zealand.

Bakers Delight holds a healthy 13.5 per cent of the Australian bread market (Roy Morgan Single Source data April 10) – a stable market based on Australia’s love for freshly baked bread, and growing demand for nutritionally sound produce.

In Canada, Bakers Delight trades as COBS Bread. Since 2003, COBS Bread has grown to over 60 bakeries across three Canadian Provinces. The ultimate goal is to expand this number to hundreds of bakeries.

SMEI Vancouver is pleased to have Elise Gillespie, Vice President of COBS Bread share the story of how COBS came to Canada, outline the challenges they faced to “Canadianize” their product offering and how they overcame them.  The SMEI Vancouver event will take place on February 23, 2012 at the Terminal City Club.