SCPS Certification Journey Minnesota: Journal Entry 2

The Golden Rule of Selling

One of the first things we noticed about the SCPS sales certification preparatory book is the emphasis on sales ethics. The book hits this topic early and often.  As a central theme, the book describes the Golden Rule of Selling. This refers to the sales philosophy of “unselfishly treating others as you would like to be treated”. Sound familiar?  Applied to selling, it is about doing the right thing in a selling situation and, yes, walking away from a sale if it’s not right for the customer. It goes on to reinforce that successful selling is about building relationships and relationships are built on trust. It is these relationships that will help you be successful in your sales career.

Our study group is impressed that SMEI makes this Golden Rule such a core foundation of the learning in this program.  It made us feel good to know this as we begin our certification journey.  We also speculated that it could be a hidden benefit that will add further value to the SMEI certification as more employers learn that sales people trained in the SMEI method have had ethical selling techniques reinforced over and over again as part of their learning. Were you aware that ethics in selling was a major theme in the SCPS certification training?  What is your view?

Journal Entry 1: Our Sales Certification Journey

Journal Entry 1: Our Sales Certification Journey

Hello!   My name is Paul Zimmerman from the Minnesota Chapter of SMEI.  I am one of 5 SMEI members from the MN Chapter who are going through the Sales Certification process – together.    We formed a study group that meets 3 times per month to aid the process.     Our goal is to complete the SMEI preparatory textbook and take the exam to get our SCPS certification in 3 months.

SCPS - SMEI Certified Professional Salesperson

SCPS Textbook

We are currently 3 meetings, 6 Chapters and 215 pages into the process.   So far so good!   We have a great group and it’s turning out to be a lot of fun.   The book provides the basics (great fundamentals about selling and the sales process) which we then discuss and apply to our own situations.   The group approach provides for some great discussions and it really keeps us on task.

So far, the experience has been very helpful and we’ve decided to share our journey via this blog in the hopes of giving you a flavor of what going through the certification process is like.   Having access to this formal training is an important reason why we joined SMEI.     We hope that by sharing our experience others can see the value and take advantage of this great opportunity.   Stay tuned!