There’s a lot of studies out there that have proven that email marketing campaigns work. That’s why we keep receiving them as consumers. Brands send promotional emails and watch as sales come in. It builds businesses if you have the messaging is done correctly, and if you are doing everything right. The three main benefits of email marketing are it increases sales, builds integrity, and humanises the brand.

1) Increase your sales

When you keep sending emails that add value to your clients, they’re going to fall in love with you. They’re going to keep coming back willingly. They’re going to keep seeing your name when they come back to your website. They may end up purchasing your products regularly that they otherwise would not have bought. So, when you get those repeat visitors, it’s always going to be a good thing. Email marketing also is crucial to let them know of new complementary products that came out from their previous purchase or letting them know about other products that are coming out that they may enjoy. Once someone spends their money with you once, they’re much more likely to spend their money again on your complementary products or services.

2) Build your integrity

One of the best ways to create a brand is to keep getting in front of people. When you keep sending emails to them and provide them with value by helping them out, you’re going to build your brand because they’re going to come back to you. They’re going to tell other people about you. And it’s just going to increase from there exponentially.

3) Humanise your brand

Most people don’t always like doing business with a company. They want to understand the people behind the business. They want to make that connection to the staff who is sending the email. When you do this correctly through email marketing campaigns, you can convey who you are and all of your interests to people. At this point, they won’t just be relating to the brand any longer. They’ll be connecting to another person. They’ll understand there’s a person behind the brand. And when they do that, it can humanize your brand.  

If you do your email marketing campaigns consistently and the right way, it can go a long way in helping your company establish authority in a particular area. It can get people to trust you and come to you for advice. When you create that authority, people are going to see that your brand is outstanding. Eventually, you become the go-to person or company in that particular niche.