It feels lousy to be disappointed, whether it is by other people, by circumstances, or by your own mistakes. And yet, in each disappointment there is also opportunity. When a disappointment comes, acknowledge it and feel it for what it is. Then quickly step away from it and take a more objective look. You’ll discover that in the larger context of your life, that disappointment can have positive value. Though one door has been closed to you, many more have just been opened.

From each disappointment you can gain knowledge, motivation, perspective and a more clearly defined purpose. From each disappointment, you can learn much about life and about yourself, much that will help you move on ahead.

When life lets you down, there is value to be found in that disappointment. Quickly get back up and begin to live that value. When you go forward, you will occasionally stumble. And when you choose to positively recover from those stumbles, you’ll move more quickly ahead.

Give it Some Thought is a weekly inspirational message created by Ronald M. Turner, CME, former Vice President of Sales & Marketing Executives International. For more information about improving your sales and marketing performance please visit SMEI.

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash