54 Complete Salesperson Certification Course in China

54 Complete Salesperson Certification Course in China

Welcome to the 54 newest members of SMEI who joined during an SMEI Certified Professional Salesperson™ (SCPS™) preparatory class held April 15 – 18th near Beijing, PRC.  All of class members are employed by China Petroleum Technology & Development Corporation (CPTDC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Petro China.  Individuals attending the class are global business development managers, many of whom work in countries outside of China.

CPTDC boast annual revenues of 5 billion USD and provides its products to 78 countries and regions across the globe.

SMEI Announces Exclusive License to Cairo Based Training Organization

SMEI Announces Exclusive License to Cairo Based Training Organization

Sales and Marketing Executives International (SMEI), the only worldwide educational and relationship-building forum created for sales and marketing professionals, announced today that Knowledge Consulting and Training has become an accredited licensee with exclusive rights to provide SMEI professional certification preparatory courses in Egypt.

Hisham Rafik, Managing Director, Knowledge

“With the developments arising in the Arab region, it is obvious that developing our human

capital will be an essential component for the growth of our economies” stated Hisham Rafik, Managing Director of Knowledge. He continued: “SMEI’s certification programs will give professionals the skill set and credentials required to excel in the marketing and sales arena. They will also equip companies with highly skilled professionals who could boost sales and develop effective go-to-market strategies.”“Our new Licensee in Egypt brings a very solid background of training experience and educational expertise to SMEI’s global professional certification expansion to the Arab region” said Willis Turner, President & CEO of SMEI.  “We are very pleased to offer the region our professional certification programs in sales, sales management and marketing management through this new partnership.”

About SMEI

Sales & Marketing Executives International (SMEI) is the worldwide organization dedicated to ethical standards, continuing professional development, knowledge sharing, mentoring students and advancing free enterprise. Info at www.smei.org.

About Knowledge

Knowledge is a joint stock company established since 2002 and has built a diversified reference list across Multinational and National corporate in its region.

Knowledge is an Approved Registered Education Provider of the Project Management Institute, PMI, and the Human Resource Certification Institute, HRCI.  Info at www.knowledge-eg.com.

Thank You and a Gift

We know that not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving this week, but in the spirit of one of America’s favorite holidays, we want to thank you.

Whether this week is business as usual for you, or spent around the table with friends and family, I hope you know that we are thankful for your participation in the sales and marketing community and your involvement with SMEI.

In observation of Thanksgiving in the U.S., we won’t be conducting chapter events or online webinars for the remainder of the week, but we will be participating in the exciting world of Cyber Monday!

To show our appreciation, we are providing you with a Cyber Monday promo code valued at generous $100 off our professional sales and marketing certification self study programs*. Use the promo code anytime between now and close of business on Monday, November 26, 2012. This is a great opportunity to begin your certification journey or to add an additional designation. Professional certification helps you gain and maintain relevance in today’s competitive marketplace and provides you with the satisfaction of being recognized as a true professional.

Promo Code: cyber20124

Get more information and view the application form here.

*Promotion is valid only on new online applications received by close of business on Monday, November 26, 2012.  Not valid in P.R. China, Puerto Rico, Vietnam or Egypt.  Not valid for corporate group or university applications.

Tips for Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

Tips for Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

Perhaps you’ve noticed the increasing number of certification credentials when searching through LinkedIn profiles. There are a couple of reasons for that.

First, there is a growing acceptance of credible professional certification programs as a key differentiation between acceptable credentials and professional credentials. So as a natural follow-on, individuals who have achieved professional credentials are keen to display them, and their LinkedIn profile is one of the best ways to do that.

If you have earned a professional designation from SMEI or another credible non-profit professional association, there are some ways that you can enhance your LinkedIn profile:

1) List the credentials beside your name. To do this, follow the standard guidelines on how the letters should appear and include them in the Last Name field, right after your last name. Insert a comma after your last name. For example, your credentials would appear as in the example to the right. If you have earned one or more of SMEI’s designations, you would list them individually as “CME”, “CSE” or “SCPS”

2) If you have earned more than one credential, list them in alphabetical order.

3) In the “Certifications” section of your profile, add the designation including the initials and the full name of the certification and the institution that you received it from. If you have an SMEI CSE designation, your listing would be: CSE – Certified Sales Executive and the granting organization would be listed as “Sales & Marketing Executives International”.

You will be surprised how many people will put just certification letters in the “People” search box on LinkedIn. Don’t miss getting your profile included in the results for that search.

Finally, if you have not yet pursued your certification journey with SMEI, consider sitting in on our 20 minute introductory webinar on Monday, November 19, 2012. Information and registration available at https://m360.smei.org/ViewEvent.aspx?id=63794&instance=0

I hope you have found these tips helpful!

SCPS™ Certification Journey Minnesota: Journal Entry 3

Objections are your friend

As a sales professional, intuitively, you know that objections will come. But do you really do enough to prepare for them? As part of the learning in the SCPS™ Certification process, the book encourages you to not just welcome objections but do the “heavy lifting” and really plan for them. Why? Because objections help you determine what selling phase the prospect is in and what information you still need to bring to be successful. Our study group had a great discussion on this topic. The idea of welcoming objections seemed at first counter-intuitive. Realizing that they actually help you and really can be your friend gave us a new perspective.

My View of Mexico

My View of Mexico

The mainstream media has no doubt helped create impressions and shaped your opinions about Mexico.  We often hear about the narcotic wars, street crime, assaults and violence in a country that seems out of control.  I make regular trips 1 – 2 times per year to Mexico as a business traveler.  I see a side of Mexico that is not reported in the media.  I see business professionals, sales and marketing professionals and entrepreneurs going about their daily lives.  They are professional, motivated and above all open to new ideas and strategies to help them achieve the success they desire.

This week I am in Mexico City.  I am here to attend the Confederacion Mexicana de Ejecutivos de Ventas y Mercadotecnia A.C. (COMEV)mid-year governing board meeting.  COMEV is the official affiliate of SMEI in Mexico.  At this meeting we will dedicate time to officially launch SMEI’s professional certification programs in Mexico.  COMEV has undertaken the task of having all of the SMEI preparatory certification textbooks translated into Spanish.  Our members in Mexico are keen to have credentials that validate their worldwide standard of professionalism.

Willis Turner with Oscar Morales in Mexico City

Prior to arriving, I was approached by Oscar Morales with a request for a meeting.  Oscar is a resident of Mexico City who works
as a national sales manager for a USA based scientific certification company.  Oscar had reached out to me several months ago through Facebook as he searched for sales and marketing career path resources online.  Now it was time to develop that online friendship in person.

It was refreshing to meet Oscar and feel his passion for the sales profession.  He faces many challenges as he seeks to provide for his wife and two small children as the sole income earner. With 10 years of experience in sales and sales management, he has seen many opportunities open up to him because of his approach to continuing education through reading, research and professional networking.  Oscar realizes the need to develop and nurture a network of like-minded professionals in order to achieve successful in his career path.

So, as we concluded our meeting and Oscar thanked me for the career path coaching, I felt like I got more out of the meeting than he did.  It raised a big question in my mind.  How willing am I become more like Oscar and step outside of my comfort zone to establish relationships that will help me build a real and sustainable network?

Every once in a while we get a glimpse of the ripple effect of our network.  This happened during the meeting with Oscar when he mentioned that he had found Colleen Francis and her company Engage Selling through my Facebook network and has invited her to approach his company about doing a sales training program in San Francisco.  Colleen is a member of SMEI, based in Ottawa, Canada.