Electronic Devices to be Allowed Gate to Gate in US

Electronic Devices to be Allowed Gate to Gate in US

“Please power down anything with an on/off button” will become a phrase of the past as part of the commercial flying routine – in a new development that actually improves passenger experience.

The Federal Aviation Administration is changing the 50-year-old safety regulation to allow air travelers to use their electronic devices from gate-to-gate, the agency said in a press release today.

This announcement comes one month after an investigatory panel officially recommended that passengers be allowed to use personal devices at any point during a flight. Flyers will now be able to read their e-books, listen to their MP3s, watch their videos and play their games without pesky interruption. Short-range Bluetooth devices, such as wireless keyboards, will be permitted as well.

Aviation experts have said that today’s most popular devices use so little power that they’re unable to interfere with a plane’s aeronautics, and modern jets are packed with electronic systems certified to withstand interference.

“Most planes can handle radio interference,” said FAA Administrator Michael Huerta in a statement today. He added that, in low visibility, a mere one percent of flights may not be able to tolerate interference, in which passengers will be asked to switch off electronics.

FCC regulations still prohibit any airborne calls, so cell phones and tablets will need to be switched to “airplane mode,” meaning no signal bars are displayed. This means passengers still won’t be able to stream videos, exchange emails, texts or download data, unless an on-board Wifi connection is available.

During takeoff and landing, passengers will need to either stow their devices or hold them in their hands, meaning the use of seatback trays will still be prohibited during this time. Flight attendants and safety advocates have expressed concerns that laptops and tablets could turn into dangerous projectiles if a flight encounters turbulence while landing or if a pilot brakes suddenly during takeoff.

Timing is up to the airlines, which are required to submit a plan to the FAA to manage electronics. This will include new training for flight attendants. Current FAA regulations require an aircraft operator to determine that radio frequency interference from personal electronic devices is not a flight safety risk before the operator authorizes them for use during certain phases of flight. Even devices that do not intentionally transmit signals can emit unintentional radio energy.

The FAA said in a release that it expects airlines to allow the use of devices during all phases of air travel by the end of 2013, but passengers may be granted the privilege even sooner. Delta has already submitted a plan, saying it’s ready to allow use as early as tomorrow (Nov.1). Delta aircrafts have completed the required PED tolerance testing.

Prior to the change in regulations, as many as 30 percent of passengers admitted they’d accidentally left a device on during takeoff or landing, according to studies by the Airline Passenger Experience Association and the Consumer Electronics Association. Pilots have been using iPads in the cockpit for years, and Delta flight attendants use Nokia Lumia 820s for credit card transactions.

78 Isn’t a Long Time in Sales Years

78 Isn’t a Long Time in Sales Years

As SMEI celebrates it’s 78th anniversary, we reflect on the rich legacy of the worldwide professional association for sales and marketing. We’ve come a long way since the late 1880s, when sales and marketing was not popularly considered to be an attractive career or a profession. Many in the business, seeing the need for professional recognition based on sound standards and ethical practices, created Sales Managers’ Clubs. First started in the 1880s in North America, they gradually spread throughout Europe, Australian, South American and the Pacific Rim.

From them emerged SMEI. In 1935, IBM Founder Thomas Watson Sr.; Raymond Bill, founder of

SMEI's 78th Birthday Cake

SMEI’s 78th Birthday Cake

Sales and Marketing Management Magazine, and other visionaries invited the presidents of many Sales Managers’ Clubs to New York City to discuss forming a network of sales and marketing executives. The result was the National Federation of Sales Executives, the first of several names for SMEI.

This month, SMEI celebrated 78 years on stage with a special “birthday cake” in front of a packed house at the Sales 2.0 Sales Management Performance Conference held in San Francisco.  “I joined SMEI when I arrived in the US from Austria,” said Gerhard Gschwandtner, publisher of Selling Power.  “I have enjoyed the resources that SMEI provides for many years,” he continued.

When I first joined SMEI as a member in the mid-1990’s it was easy to count the countries where SMEI has a presence.  Today, it is easier to count the countries where SMEI is not represented, signifying the reality of SMEI’s strategic vision to bring professional certification and membership to developed and developing countries around the world.

The success of SMEI is due to thousands of hours of volunteer leadership from committees, affiliates and the international community of sales and marketing professionals.  But ask any leader and they will tell you one year of volunteer effort goes by very fast, and 78 isn’t a long time when you’re talking about establishing an enduring legacy.

SMEI Chairman: Looking at SMEI in a Global Way

SMEI Chairman: Looking at SMEI in a Global Way

This week marks 8 years since I joined SMEI.  In my time with SMEI, I have been privileged to serve on the SMEI Honolulu board of directors in various roles and positions, numerous committees, and dozens of projects.  Being nominated to the International board of directors in 2009 has allowed me to see SMEI in a much more global way.  One fact that rings true at every level of the organization:  The Sales and Marketing profession is alive and well!  SMEI provides a wonderful network of individuals connected by the passion that we all feel about our chosen profession.  Each year, that global influence and network grows stronger, which I have witnessed first-hand during my SMEI travels throughout the USA, Canada, China and Vietnam.

I am honored to serve as SMEI’s 2013-2015 International Chairman.  This term marks a significant milestone for SMEI, as we focus on our members, and how enhanced programming for local groups and web based members, certification programs, and much, much more can provide the best in class membership experience.

Our organization has always been a leader in growth, retention, financial stability, certification, and credibility.  To strengthen and expand that status, we must focus on the life’s blood of our organization:  Membership & Certification.  I hope you will join me in the international effort to bolster membership, and reintroduce the benefits of professional certification in your local markets.

Our 2013-2015 Board of Directors and Officers started planning several months ago.  Here are a few things you can expect see in the upcoming year as we build a higher level of value for our membership:

  1. Comprehensive Web-based Programming
  2. Enhanced local Group Programming
  3. Certification Benefits (Study Groups & Local Leadership)
  4. Local and Regional Group Leadership Development Support
  5. Best Practices Forums
  6. Fall 2013 International Leadership Conference
  7. International Business & Market Tours

The health of SMEI depends on the solid foundation that our membership provides.  We are committed to grow responsibly and sustainably to ensure SMEI can provide our members value in our local and global community for many years to come.

Together we will make 2013-2015 an outstanding period for SMEI, and together we will grow our organization to a whole new level.

The 2013-2015 Board of Directors and I wish you much Aloha in the coming year.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at anytime if you need our assistance.

SMEI Establishes $500K Research Endowment at UBC

SMEI Establishes $500K Research Endowment at UBC

After 40 years of dedication to the education of tomorrow’s leaders in sales management and marketing, Dan Gardiner has retired from the Sauder School. He leaves a twofold legacy: the many students who learned from his expertise and a new PhD research award established in his honour.

Thanks to a generous donation of $500,000 from Sales & Marketing Executives International (SMEI), The Sales & Marketing Executives International Dan Gardiner Research Endowment Fund has been created to support a PhD student who demonstrates a great passion for teaching and who is conducting research in the field of sales and/or marketing.

“SMEI is proud to have partnered with the Sauder School of Business for more than 60 years to help educate generations of sales and marketing professionals,” said Willis Turner, SMEI President and CEO. “Honouring the contributions of educators such as Dan through the establishment of this endowment fund will allow his teaching legacy to continue.”

The gift announcement was made at a reception recognizing the lifelong commitment and enthusiasm Gardiner brought to the classroom. At the time of his retirement, Gardiner was a senior instructor in Sauder’s Marketing Division and Program Director for the UBC Diploma in Marketing and Sales Management Program, which is run in cooperation with the SMEI.

The SMEI Vancouver chapter has partnered with the Sauder School for more than 60 years to train professionals and entrepreneurs through this diploma program. SMEI is a worldwide professional organization devoted to providing knowledge, growth, leadership and connections between peers in both sales and marketing.

SMEI is one of the biggest supporters of the Marketing Department at Sauder through professorships and research awards in the Diploma in Marketing & Sales Management program and scholarships offered to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce.

“Through our collaboration with SMEI, we have the opportunity to foster new talent and prepare business leaders to meet the sales management and marketing needs of numerous organizations that are making a difference in our communities,” said Robert Helsley, Dean of the Sauder School. “Now, through this generous gift, we also have the opportunity to further inspire our students, and generate new knowledge in the field of sales and marketing.”

Thank You and a Gift

We know that not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving this week, but in the spirit of one of America’s favorite holidays, we want to thank you.

Whether this week is business as usual for you, or spent around the table with friends and family, I hope you know that we are thankful for your participation in the sales and marketing community and your involvement with SMEI.

In observation of Thanksgiving in the U.S., we won’t be conducting chapter events or online webinars for the remainder of the week, but we will be participating in the exciting world of Cyber Monday!

To show our appreciation, we are providing you with a Cyber Monday promo code valued at generous $100 off our professional sales and marketing certification self study programs*. Use the promo code anytime between now and close of business on Monday, November 26, 2012. This is a great opportunity to begin your certification journey or to add an additional designation. Professional certification helps you gain and maintain relevance in today’s competitive marketplace and provides you with the satisfaction of being recognized as a true professional.

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