What can you do with this day that will create real and lasting value? There are countless possibilities. You could select something that has been holding you back and work your way permanently beyond it. You could gently, sincerely open your heart and strengthen a relationship with someone you love.

You can offer a helping hand to those around you and make your world a more positive and hopeful place. Or you can take real and determined steps in the direction of your most treasured dream.

There’s a great idea living in your mind that you could begin making into a reality today. There are things that you can learn and things that you can teach.

There is much potential value in this day. When you make good and productive use of its moments, that value will stay with you long after the day has passed.

Right now is your one opportunity to capture, to keep and to expand the incredible value that today offers. Choose to make the most of it.

Give it Some Thought is a weekly inspirational message created by Ronald M. Turner, CME, former Vice President of Sales & Marketing Executives International. For more information about improving your sales and marketing performance please visit SMEI.

Photo by Madi Robson on Unsplash