In every action you take, your expectations have an influence. In every result you obtain, your expectations play a role. Your expectations will not, by themselves, cause anything to happen. And yet they can have a major impact on what you cause to happen.

When you truly and fully expect to succeed, every aspect of your life becomes aligned in the direction of that success. When you’ve convinced yourself that you can get it done, you are well on the way to making it happen.

Though many people may speak to you today, no one will talk to you as much as you talk to yourself. And that presents you with an enormous opportunity. Throughout the day, over and over again, you have the chance to tell yourself what to expect. So,as each moment goes by, keep telling yourself to expect the best, most positive outcome you can imagine.

As your expectations grow stronger and more firmly entrenched, you’ll discover more and more ways to make them real Choose to expect the best of yourself, so that every fibre of your being is focused toward the achievement you desire. And then, by your efforts,those expectations will surely come to life.

Give it Some Thought is a weekly inspirational message created by Ronald M. Turner, CME, former Vice President of Sales & Marketing Executives International. For more information about improving your sales and marketing performance please visit SMEI.

Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash