When it comes to partying, we hear that marketers are lots of fun!  So, come on marketing people – we’ve got a deal for you!  To celebrate the launch of our new blog, yes this one that you are reading right here, we are holding a virtual party on our Facebook page on Wednesday March 14.

Never been to a virtual party, you say?  Don’t know what to wear or bring?  Well, you can

We're busy prepping for the party. What will you bring?

post a video, so if you are using your web cam, please dress appropriately!  You can bring cheer, and of course virtual food and drinks have no calories so indulge yourself.  Got a great photo that will be a feast for the eyes?  Well, go ahead and share it!

Want to meet some new people?  SMEI has plenty of friends that could be yours, too.  So where is it again?  Well, it is really everywhere, since it is virtual.  Just join us on our Facebook wall between 1 – 2 pm Pacific, that is 4 – 5 pm Eastern on Wednesday, March 14, 2012.

Oh, and did we mention there will be prizes?  You have to be there to find out how to win.