Learning how to become buyer-centric is not that difficult when you are a buyer yourself.  How many times as a buyer or customer have your found yourself frustrated when a product or service isn’t working the way you would like?

I recently vented my frustration with Norton Antivirus on Twitter when I had trouble turning off those pesky pop-up notifications.  The pop-up notices are especially annoying when you are hosting a webinar.  Not only do they distract during the live event, they will show up in the recorded version and play havoc with the viewer experience.

I tried searching “turn off pop-up” in Norton’s search field on their support page.  “0” results!  Turns out I should have been searching “turn off cookie trace”.  Who knew?  Are you using the language of your customer or are you relying on techies to create the ultimate support portal? Turns out Norton was listening.  That is refreshing!  Are you tuned in to social media to find out what your customer’s frustrations are, and better yet, are you responding?

Norton's Response